Stoney Creek Metro Park Senior Session

Park Map & Meeting Location


We will meet at the park near the Eastwood Beach at 6:30pm.  I will park in the southern section of the parking lot that is farther from the beach.  I drive a white Chrysler Town & Country and I will be the girl with a camera.  My phone number is 810-691-4871  if you are having trouble located me and need to call.  We will drive to 2 additional locations in the park.  I believe there is a $10 entrance fee to the park if you do not have an annual metro park pass.  All of the students are from Marysville High School, so car pooling may be an option for you.



I will arrive early to the park and make list of spots and locations that we will use so we are not wandering around when you are here.  Due to the size of the park, driving to the additional locations will be necessary.  At each location I will spend around 10-15 minutes with each student and get multiple poses and images that are not identical to the others.  Each students gallery will be unique and not the same as the others.  There will be a 20-30 minute break for each student between their shooting time to make outfit changes (in cars, nearby restrooms, etc) if they prefer.  


 It's best to make sure the students are comfortable and feel like themselves.  I suggest wearing colors and clothing types that they normally wear and not to force them into a color or style they aren't comfortable in.  Don'f forget accessories, they are the small details that make images complete.  And shoes!  I understand not wanting to buy new shoes for every outfit, just don't forget about the shoes.  Example, wearing dress pants with bright orange Nike's doesn't usually work well.  Also, socks may or may not show in the image.  Bright white socks with dark shoes and dark jeans can create an eye sore.  

Feel free to bring things that you would like included in the session such as varsity jackets, band instruments, sports related equipment, etc.  

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The girls usually have amazing makeup and they look wonderful.  It is not necessary to completely cover every blemish and do a thick coating of foundation.  I have excellent photo editing software and I will fix/remove all blemishes (moles, freckles, birth marks and scars are not removed) so normal makeup application is sufficient.  And don't forget the nail polish.  Wearing nail or not wearing is fine, just make sure you don't have chipped nail polish.  For the boys.  If you tend to have chapped lips, bring along a tube of chapstick.  Dry, cracked lips do show up in the photos and are not easily fixed during the editing process. 


 I cannot remove orthodontic braces from teeth.  If the student has braces and you do not want them in the images, I will go over the pricing to have the edited out by an editing service during our viewing appointment.  


If there is imminent rain/storms, the sessions will be rescheduled.  If its a scattered, uncertain type weather forecast, I will make a call by 3pm.  I don't want everyone to be ready and in the car and then decide to reschedule so a call will be made by 3pm with hopes that its the correct decision.  

After the Session

I will email everyone within 48 hours after the session to schedule the viewing appointment.  The viewing appointment is where you will go through all the images, choose your free prints and decide if you want to make any additional purchases.  These appointments typically last an hour but there is no time limit and you can take as much time as you need. There is no additional purchase required and there will be absolutely no pressure to spend money.  *I* am very thankful for your time and allowing me to be creative with these sessions.  I have always had a mentality that I only want clients to purchase only what they absolutely love.  So if you end up loving the images and want to purchase some, then great!  But if not, or its not in your budget then no worries!