High School Senior Portrait Session

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Oh the places we can go!  Tell me what you want.  Nature, beach, urban, flowers, graffiti, open fields, etc.  I love exploring new areas and being guided by the light.  


I never limit clothing changes.  With that being said, the more changes, the less time in front of the camera.  Most seniors stick to 3 outfits and that seems to work well.

What should they wear?  I always tell seniors to be themselves.  Wear what they feel confident wearing, colors they love, things they will wear over and over again. When they feel confident, it shows in the images.  

Shoes:  Some girls love high heeled shoes (I do too!) but we usually do a fair amount of walking during the session (up to several miles).  If they want high heels for the photos, just bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes to walk in from location to location.  


I am all about capturing the 'real' person and not an airbrushed, highly edited version of a person.  I do remove all acne, cuts, marks, bruises.....basically skin marks that are not permanent.  I leave freckles, moles and birth marks.

Orthodontic braces:  I am not capable to removing braces from the teeth.  If your senior will have braces for the session and you want them edited out, we can discuss outsourcing the editing and fees.  Some parents will have just a couple images done that they want printed to hang on the wall. 


In the event of rain, storms, high winds, etc; we will reschedule the session.  

After the session

You will be emailed with a link to your gallery.  My turn around time varies throughout the year.  I do tend to over schedule senior sessions in August-September as most schools have yearbook deadlines in October.  It may take up to 4 weeks to receive your gallery.  


final payment is due at the time of the session.  

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