Outdoor Family Portrait Sessions

Fresh, fun & focused

Style & Approach

Whether your family is just starting out or you’re about to send your last child away to college, you want some photographs to remember this time by. We want to capture your family in an honest and comfortable way, so our approach to family portraits is candid, unobtrusive and fun! When photographing your family, my goal is to take you back to that moment. We are aiming to capture images that are natural and authentic and show off your unique family.

Investment and Details

We use the word investment because that is literally what you are doing. You are investing in your memories. You are investing in something that will preserve this time in your families life. Something that will allow you to look back on a time that will go by in the blink of an eye.

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Family Session $400

This session is for immediate family members.With a full session, you not only get great images of your family, you also get the gift of time which allows your family to relax and enjoy themselves. This allows us to capture images that truly capture your family being themselves.

Your family session includes:

  • 1 hour session at a location of your choice*
  • around 40 final images in color and black & white
  • online gallery- for viewing, sharing and downloading
  • Print ordering-place orders directly through your gallery



Extended Family Sessions $600**

An extended family session is designed to capture the WHOLE family.  This means that any and every combination of people you want in a photo together will happen before your session ends.  I always make it a point to capture a wonderful variety of photos with the whole family, a few shots of each individual family/couple, grandchildren, grandchildren with grandparents, etc. This is a great session for capturing the entire family and getting beautiful single family photos as well!

Extended family session includes:

  • up to 2 hour session at a location of your choice*
  • around 60 final images in color with black & white conversions
  • online gallery-for viewing, sharing and downloading
  • print ordering-place orders directly through your gallery
  • **price is for 2 family units and grandparents. please inquire for pricing for additional family units.


Mini Family Sessions $150

Family mini sessions are offered in November every year as a holiday/christmas setup.  Sessions are held on pre-determined dates that are announced in early fall via the email newsletter.  

Holiday Mini Sessions include:

  • 30 minute session
  • around 15 final color images (b/w conversions not included)
  • online gallery delivered on/before December 1st
  • Print ordering provided through gallery
  • exclusive discount code for holiday cards with Minted.com 



Where does the session take place?

The session can take place at a location of your choice.  I have several recommendations depending on what kind of background you are interested.  Or does your family have a property that is special to you where you'd like to have the session take place? Travel fees may apply for location requests outside of St. Clair County and permit fees may apply for certain parks.

What happens if the weather is bad?

We will reschedule.  If it's raining, extremely windy, storming,we can reschedule.  It's Michigan, bad weather happens....often.  

Why are the sessions only scheduled at sunset?

For a couple of reason. The first is that starting the session 90-120 minutes before sunset allows for more freedom during the session.  We won't be fighting harsh light, squinty eyes, crowded beaches, hot sun, etc.  The temperatures are better later in the day, the light is golden and beautiful, we have more freedom to move around.  I promise, it's the best time.

What should we wear?

Check out my style page and there's Pinterest.  Can't decide between 2 shirts?  Ask me, I'd be happy to help you decide.

Will our images be edited?

yes, every image you receive will be edited.  This consists of cropping, color correction, and light retouching. 

When will our gallery be available?

Your gallery will be emailed to you in about 3 weeks.

How long will our gallery be available?

Your gallery will be available for 2 weeks. 


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