Hello!!!  It's almost Christmas Session time.  Here is some helpful information


My house!  137 Liberty Avenue Marysville MI 48040


Please use the front door, come on in and head to the basement.  Knocking and ringing the door bell is not necessary as I will be busy photographing everyone.  The basement stairs are the first door on your right (across from closet doors) when you walk towards the kitchen.  


This years setup is a grey background with white trees.  We will have fun playing with fake snow if your child/ren are old enough to do so.  Please remember sessions are for immediate family/siblings only.  Extended family is not permitted.

Session are every 30 minutes so punctuality is important!!  Your session will be cut short if you are late and will be forfeited without a refund if you are over 15 minutes late.  Please be considerate to the family before and after you by arriving on time.  

After the session

Your session will be delivered to you before December 5th via an email link.  CD's, USB's and any other tangible products are not included.  Please download your gallery and back it up before December 25th.  Reactivation fees do apply.


The $100 balance is due at the time of the session.  Cash or check (payable to Shannon Finnie) is accepted.  If you prefer to pay by credit/debit card, you may do so now.  

Christmas Session Balance
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Saturday November 14th

  • 10:o0am-Martin
  • 10:30am-Rossow
  • 11:00am-Fletcher
  • 11:30am-Muckey
  • 12:00pm-
  • 12:30pm-Holmes
  • 1:00pm-Stevenson
  • 1:30pm-DeShon
  • 2:00pm-Sheldon
  • 2:30pm-Barr
  • 3:00pm-Falk
  • 3:30pm-Kemp

Saturday November 21st

  • 12:00pm-Smith
  • 12:30pm-West
  • 1:00pm-Guske
  • 1:30pm-Gibbard


Please fill out form before session.  Thank you!!

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Number of people to be photographed and ages of children.