Baby Milestone Sessions


3 months: During this session, your baby will be able to make eye contact and smile for the camera.  They are often photographed laying on their backs in various bowls and baskets.  They may tolerate some tummy time and be able to lift their heads for some variety.  

6 months: Babies can do more during this sessions such as sit up.  Most babies can sit unsupported by 7 months if that is an important milestone you want captured.  If they cannot, they usually can sit up supported in baskets/bowls.  They also may be able to push up on all fours, grab their feet, and roll over.  

9 months: Crawling, pulling themselves up, sitting on much cuteness!  

1 year/12 months: The big O-N-E, does anything else need to be said?  This is a session you should not overlook. 



Baby milestone sessions may be done without the baby wearing any clothing, by using special rompers and diaper covers that I have in the studio, wearing outfits brought from home, or a combination of these options. I do not limit clothing changes, but three seems to be the most that can fit into a session.   

Breaks for feedings, snacks, drinks, and diaper changes are often needed.   If your child is teething, please consider a small dose of pain reliever prior to the session.  A little discomfort at home tends to be full blown agony in a strange place.  

Cake Smash

In addition to everything said in the baby milestone section, a cake smash may be incorporated at the end of the session.  If you would like to incorporate a cake smash, feel free to bring a cake.   A six inch cake is a perfect size, although most professional bakers are familiar with this type of cake.  

Cake smash setups: Cake smash images are done on a solid color paper backdrop of grey, white or cream.  Banners, balloons, puffballs or other decorations can be included in the setup.  I do not provide decorations.  If you have a Pinterest board with images of the cake smash setup you like, send it to me as I may have donated decorations from a previous session.  

Cake smash outfit: They can wear a cute matching outfit, a plain onesie, just a diaper cover, jeans, a tutu, etc.  I do have a light pink tutu or a plain white diaper cover to use if needed.

After the session

At the time of the session I will give you an approximate delivery time.  This delivery time is an estimate as I do schedule newborn sessions throughout the week with little notice. Please indicate if you have a deadline at the time of booking.  


Final payment is due at the time of the session.  Cash, check, credit card, Chase Quickpay (, or ApplePay (810-691-4871) is accepted. Due to many sessions ending in an over tired/crabby baby, I do request that payment is made at the beginning of the session for your convenience.  

Studio Location

My address is 137 Liberty Avenue Marysville MI 48040  You are welcome to park in my driveway.  


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